VAPEFINDR TIPS: Long Live The Coil!

Want more life out of your coils?

We all get the problem of dirty coils and it’s frustrating especially if you have spent money on a fancy pair of aliens or some nice staple coils just to throw them away a week earlier than you expected.

We have a few easy steps to help you keep your coils clean and last just that little longer.

  • First off you will want to take off the top of your RDA, RTA or RDTA whichever the coils are in and remove all wick.
  • Secondly, you will want to turn on the tap. (temperature doesn’t matter too much but we would recommend warmer water as to not stress the metal of the coil.)
  • Thirdly start to pulse fire your coils to get them to a nice bright glow. (Pulse firing is when you press your fire button for a second and let go and repeat that until the coils are nice and glowing.)
  • Fourthly while the coils are still glowing cut all power to the coils and carefully place them under the water being careful not to get your mod wet as this could damage your mod. (DO NOT HAVE POWER RUNNING THROUGH THE COILS  WHILE THEY ARE UNDER THE WATER!)
  • Repeat step four until happy.
  • Last you want to dry off your coils with one last pulse fire then let them cool down, re-wick them and all done!

(We will say coils will not be 100% of the original state but this is a good way to give them a longer life.)


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