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A vaper needs a good bag to carry all their mods, juices and tools in so here’s our top vape bags on the market.

ud-vape-pouch-bag-waist-pouch-vape-gear-storage-pocket-accessories-beg-pthdigital-1511-18-PTHDigital@1 UD Vape Bag:

If you need a vape bag with lots of pockets and sections to keep all your vape gear clean and in good condition then the UD Vape Bag is the bag you need.
It has pockets and slots throughout the bag, so you can keep your batteries separate and have all your mods away from your tools.
The best thing we find with this bag is how compact it is and with the option of using a handle or shoulder strap, you can take it anywhere.


coil-master-kbag4Coil Master K Bag:

One of the nicest “bags” for carrying your mods.
The Coil Master K Bag has a large mesh pocket on the inside for all your tools and straps all the way around so no matter what size of mod you have they will fit.
This case is the best for someone who likes to show off their mods. Being all one pocket it’s easy to open up, pull out the mod you need and vape.
The only downside to this bag is that it does not have a handle.


pouch_1UK Ecig Store The Vape Bag: UK Only:

A great bag with Five pockets. Two pockets at the side make your mod or juice easily accessible, one main pocket on the top for all your carrying needs such as laptop or folders, one main pocket at the front with straps and pockets for easy storage of your mods and juice and a hidden compartment at the back for storing valuables.
Its large capacity and durable material makes this one of the best vape bags on the market for everyday use.
UK Ecig Store The Vape Bag is Comfortable and stylish. We can understand why so many people have chosen to grab one.


e66cbd_28013a6a477844f09f4f775093e5c349Vapinbagz Stealth V3: USA Only:

This is in every sense one of the best bags for vapers.
with its comfy design, you can use a shoulder strap or detach it and use the handle on the top.
there are three compartments the front compartment that has many pockets for mods and juice and also has a nice deep mesh pocket which zips up to make sure whatever you put in there doesn’t fall out. the back compartment has just pockets to fit your juice and mods and lastly the middle section opens up for a nice area to put your laptop, folders or whatever you like.
With the Vapinbagz Stealth V3 the sheer room you get is great and we would highly recommend this bag for vapers.



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