Grey Haze: Cotteridge Grand Opening

Saturday 10th December was the Grey Haze Cotteridge grand opening event in Birmingham.

The day started slowly with only 5 or so people turning up and hanging around.

However, as time went on the numbers grew and before we knew it the whole shop was full with vapers and the clouds were filling the room.

There were multiple competitions and raffles planned for the evening and lots of chance for the visitors to head home with some free stuff.

After everyone had a sit-down and got comfy the cloud comp started. A cloudy match of plumes as people went back to back to see who blew the biggest clouds.

By the end, it was down to two. @you_burn_first_sosk and Matt after a back and fourth @you_burn_first_sosk took first while Matt took second.

The shop was then aired out of all vapour and the announcement for the trick comp was called. Many vapers took place showing off their skills and different tricks.

After the first run of people, the finalists were picked. @ohm_my_gosh and @smartyohms then had to go head to head for a minute and a half each to impress the judges.

In the end @ohm_my_gosh came out first and @smartyohms came second.

A nice cool down period then followed as vapers had a drink and a laugh.

by the end of the night, the owners came out with a massive Grey Haze birthday cake and sliced it.

The event then slowly started to die down as people went back home as the night was getting late.

Well done to everyone who won the comps and thank you to the owners for throwing an amazing opening.

Special thanks to The Rig Mod, Evil Cloud, Renegade Vape Co, VGOD and much more for sponsoring the event.

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