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Almost 4 months on from VapeFindr Presents: London Vape Show 2017 there’s still a buzz around how successful our first ever tradeshow was and much excitement for next years show! We are delighted to announce that we have been nominated for best vape show/convention in the Ecigclick Awards! If you attended the London Vape Show in August and had a great time please feel free to cast a vote for us for Best Show, and check out all the other great companies represented in the other award categories!

Big love to everyone who attended in August and a massive thank you to those that have already voted for us. We can’t wait to see you all in 2018!

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London Vape Show

We can’t believe it’s all over for this year but the London Vape Show 2017 was a huge success and so much fun! If you joined us we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

There was plenty of new juice companies on show at the event with some truly great flavours knocking about with regulars dominaters of brands like Eco-Vape, and One Hit Wonder to the smaller independent names like Merlin’s Mist and Vape Dodo. Plenty of vapers went home happy with their swag bags either from new purchases for your stand out favourites, or joined in for the main stage giveaways that, although a lot more laid back and calmer than some were still a lot of good fun for all!

Ashley from Strawberry Queen did a fantastic job MC’ing for us over the weekend and was as energetic and loveable on stage as she always is. We even had time to celebrate The Lady Vapers birthday on stage with a cake provided by her admin team. At the main stage we also had a heavily contested cloud competition won by @kjalger as he usually seems to do (lol) best picture giveaways for users using our #londonvapeshow hashtag to be featured on our man stage big screen – and one lucky visitor even went home with a super shiny mod from Rogue USA’s giveaway!

This year we decided as it was our show we would run the juice tasting awards our own way. As there is often talk of bigger companies winning awards based on money spent we decided to cut that all out and give it a completely white label feel. Judged by our VAPEFINDR Reviewers and won on merit You can check out all of the winners on our website and in the app!

Speaking of our loveable VAPEFINDR Reviewers we’d like to thank them all for their hard work over the weekend in spending hours judging the awards, and being on hand at the booth to answer questions from vapers at the show needing advice on what to look out for at the show and how to setup their hardware.

Thanks again to Daily Vape TV, Sir VapingAlot, The Devil Vaper, Jay and Michael from LVC Live Vape N’ Chill, The Vaping Pogonophile and the Spit In Your Drippers crew! They all worked hard testing nearly 300 juices in blank bottles over 2 days to pick the winners of the awards. Check the Vapefindr app for their reviews of the event.

One of our main aims of the show was to encourage as many smokers as possible to ditch the cigs and take up vaping instead. We swapped around 170 packs of cigarettes for starter kits, courtesy of Vape Mob Distribution, who also provided them with free Mojito Eliquids to start them off on their vape journey. This was the most pleasing thing to see for us, to hear their thoughts on vaping at the end of the three days where they’d experienced exactly what it is that we are so excited about and that we have such a welcoming community of people involved at the show was incredibly satisfying!

We want to thank each and every one of you who came to the show and got involved, we loved meeting such friendly and enthusiastic vapers and we hope to see you all again at next years show!

Check out some of the pics from the first VAPEFINDR Presents: The London Vape Show 2017

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Vape Show Prague

The VapeFindr team are here in the beautiful city of Prague for the #vapeshow_prague event as a media partner and bag sponsor with BEAR Flavors. The show itself is one of the smaller shows on our European tour and the first in the vape industry to be held in the Czech Republic but what it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in atmosphere and passionate vapers enjoying the show. We’ve mostly been hanging out at the stand and exhibiting our new BEAR Flavors E-Liquid range but have also had a great time seeing our friends on the circuit.

It is always a highlight seeing Zack and Johnny from the VGOD team at the show and sharing a beer (or two) catching up on how their European road trip and late night parties. We asked them how they pick their show schedule to which they responded “We pretty much decide what city we’d like to visit the most and go from there” which we found a wonderfully relaxed philosophy!

Day two started off quite slow but as the day has gone on it’s definitely gone from strength to strength with the Trick comp really heating up the atmosphere from the crowd. We’re almost coming to an end of the show now and are just waiting for the Awards to see who will be crowned winners.

Whatever happens we’re very thankful to Vape Show Europe and Smile Expo to have had us here and thankful to the city of Prague to not leave us mugged, jailed or too short on cash as we head off to Verona, Italy for next weeks Vapitaly event!

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VAPORFAIR 2017- Frankfurt, Germany

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The VAPEFINDR team recently attended the Vapexpo-Lyon, France event this March and had an amazing time as always. Check out some of our favourite pics from the event and videos of our massive #tagboard!

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Grey Haze: Cotteridge Grand Opening

Grey Haze: Cotteridge Grand Opening

Saturday 10th December was the Grey Haze Cotteridge grand opening event in Birmingham.

The day started slowly with only 5 or so people turning up and hanging around.

However, as time went on the numbers grew and before we knew it the whole shop was full with vapers and the clouds were filling the room.

There were multiple competitions and raffles planned for the evening and lots of chance for the visitors to head home with some free stuff.

After everyone had a sit-down and got comfy the cloud comp started. A cloudy match of plumes as people went back to back to see who blew the biggest clouds.

By the end, it was down to two. @you_burn_first_sosk and Matt after a back and fourth @you_burn_first_sosk took first while Matt took second.

The shop was then aired out of all vapour and the announcement for the trick comp was called. Many vapers took place showing off their skills and different tricks.

After the first run of people, the finalists were picked. @ohm_my_gosh and @smartyohms then had to go head to head for a minute and a half each to impress the judges.

In the end @ohm_my_gosh came out first and @smartyohms came second.

A nice cool down period then followed as vapers had a drink and a laugh.

by the end of the night, the owners came out with a massive Grey Haze birthday cake and sliced it.

The event then slowly started to die down as people went back home as the night was getting late.

Well done to everyone who won the comps and thank you to the owners for throwing an amazing opening.

Special thanks to The Rig Mod, Evil Cloud, Renegade Vape Co, VGOD and much more for sponsoring the event.

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BLACKOUT: Black Friday Deals

BLACKOUT: Black Friday Deals


The Liquid Bar:

50% off liquids clearance sale and an extra 50% off with the code “BFTLB” for the Black Friday weekend.

Find It Here:


the liquid bar

Vape Store:

20% off vapouriz hardware with the code “BF20” and 30% off vapouriz liquids with the code “BF30”.

(redeem discount at the checkout. Terms and conditions apply)

Find It Here:

vapestore black friday promo


Herman Vapes:

Humungous offers on liquids going all the way up to 40% off!

Find It Here:


You Got E-juice:

30% off entire store.

Find It Here:

YGEJ - Black Friday

Ecigs 2 Go: (instore only)

50% off selected juices and hardware.

Find It Here: instore deal

ecigs2go sale

Grey Haze:

20% off all liquids (excluding grey haze liquid) 15% off hardware and 3 mystery boxes. £20, £50, £100 instore and online.

Find It Here:

grey haze sale

Vintage Vape Rooms:

50% off starter kits. 30ml – €10.00, 60ml €15.00/€18.00 (instore deal only)

20% online with the code “BLACKFRIDAY”

Find It Here:

vintage vape rooms


15% off site wide.

Find It Here:

vapelux bf2016

Celtic Vapours:

15% off site wide with the code “blackfriday15”.

Find It Here:


Vape And Volts:

20% off selected hardware and juices

Find It Here:

vape & volts sale

Great British Vape Shop: (instore only)

Fuse 650 starter kit and four 10mls for £22.

Find It Here: instore deal

bgvapeshop sale

House Of Vape London:

15% off in store and online with the code “HOVBLACK”.

Find It Here:



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VAPEFINDR Good Looks – Vape Bags

VAPEFINDR Good Looks – Vape Bags

A vaper needs a good bag to carry all their mods, juices and tools in so here’s our top vape bags on the market.

ud-vape-pouch-bag-waist-pouch-vape-gear-storage-pocket-accessories-beg-pthdigital-1511-18-PTHDigital@1 UD Vape Bag:

If you need a vape bag with lots of pockets and sections to keep all your vape gear clean and in good condition then the UD Vape Bag is the bag you need.
It has pockets and slots throughout the bag, so you can keep your batteries separate and have all your mods away from your tools.
The best thing we find with this bag is how compact it is and with the option of using a handle or shoulder strap, you can take it anywhere.


coil-master-kbag4Coil Master K Bag:

One of the nicest “bags” for carrying your mods.
The Coil Master K Bag has a large mesh pocket on the inside for all your tools and straps all the way around so no matter what size of mod you have they will fit.
This case is the best for someone who likes to show off their mods. Being all one pocket it’s easy to open up, pull out the mod you need and vape.
The only downside to this bag is that it does not have a handle.


pouch_1UK Ecig Store The Vape Bag: UK Only:

A great bag with Five pockets. Two pockets at the side make your mod or juice easily accessible, one main pocket on the top for all your carrying needs such as laptop or folders, one main pocket at the front with straps and pockets for easy storage of your mods and juice and a hidden compartment at the back for storing valuables.
Its large capacity and durable material makes this one of the best vape bags on the market for everyday use.
UK Ecig Store The Vape Bag is Comfortable and stylish. We can understand why so many people have chosen to grab one.


e66cbd_28013a6a477844f09f4f775093e5c349Vapinbagz Stealth V3: USA Only:

This is in every sense one of the best bags for vapers.
with its comfy design, you can use a shoulder strap or detach it and use the handle on the top.
there are three compartments the front compartment that has many pockets for mods and juice and also has a nice deep mesh pocket which zips up to make sure whatever you put in there doesn’t fall out. the back compartment has just pockets to fit your juice and mods and lastly the middle section opens up for a nice area to put your laptop, folders or whatever you like.
With the Vapinbagz Stealth V3 the sheer room you get is great and we would highly recommend this bag for vapers.



Have you got a vape bag you think we should know about? Let us know!
Comment below with your favorite vape bags.

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VAPEFINDR Good Looks – Chargers

VAPEFINDR Good Looks – Chargers

Looking for a new charger? We have compiled a list of the top three chargers on the market right now!

If you have a device with external batteries finding a good charger is a nightmare but we’re here to help you in your plight to filter your shopping time!

We have picked out our top 3 chargers for however many batteries you need to charge this season!

Nitecore D2 ChargerNITECORE D2 – two bay charger:

The Nitecore D2 is a universal smart charger automatically detecting Li-ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries and through manual selection is also capable of charging LiFePO4 batteries.
The screen is easy to see and lets you know when your batteries are finished their charge cycle and will then cut off power to them.



XTAR VC4 – four bay charger:

The Xtar VC4 is one of the best four bay chargers on the market.  This charger has a smart reader detecting the battery used and charges accurately cutting off after the battery is fully charged. The screen is easy to read with a dial showing you how full and how much charge your battery has and is also compatible with a USB adapter



effect LUC V6EFEST LUC V6 CHARGER – six bay charger:

The EFEST LUC V6 Charger is a six bay charger powered by an AC wall plug. The LED indicator light is red when your battery is charging and turns green when the battery is full making it easy to know when to grab out your batteries for the road.



They also have a four bay version of this charger.




Let us know what you think of our choices by leaving a comment – or if you have a favourite charger you’ve recently bought that should make the list.


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VAPEFINDR TIPS: Long Live The Coil!

VAPEFINDR TIPS: Long Live The Coil!

Want more life out of your coils?

We all get the problem of dirty coils and it’s frustrating especially if you have spent money on a fancy pair of aliens or some nice staple coils just to throw them away a week earlier than you expected.

We have a few easy steps to help you keep your coils clean and last just that little longer.

  • First off you will want to take off the top of your RDA, RTA or RDTA whichever the coils are in and remove all wick.
  • Secondly, you will want to turn on the tap. (temperature doesn’t matter too much but we would recommend warmer water as to not stress the metal of the coil.)
  • Thirdly start to pulse fire your coils to get them to a nice bright glow. (Pulse firing is when you press your fire button for a second and let go and repeat that until the coils are nice and glowing.)
  • Fourthly while the coils are still glowing cut all power to the coils and carefully place them under the water being careful not to get your mod wet as this could damage your mod. (DO NOT HAVE POWER RUNNING THROUGH THE COILS  WHILE THEY ARE UNDER THE WATER!)
  • Repeat step four until happy.
  • Last you want to dry off your coils with one last pulse fire then let them cool down, re-wick them and all done!

(We will say coils will not be 100% of the original state but this is a good way to give them a longer life.)


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Top 5 Hardware Reviews – October 2016

Top 5 Hardware Reviews – October 2016

Looking to get new hardware?

Don’t worry! Our Reviews have you covered!

With the latest and greatest devices and other hardware goodies on the market right now.
Here’s our ‘Top 5’ Hardware Reviews from our VapeFindr reviewers in the month of October.

Make sure you give these guys a follow on their Youtube Channels!

Approved Vapers – Asmodus – Minikin Kodama Mod:

TheDevilVaper – Kangertech K1 BOX (DNA75):

SoulOhm Reviews – RiP Trippers – Pharaoh Drip Tank:

VapnFagan Lost Vape – Skar DNA75 Mod:

XHale Vaping – iJoy – Maxo Mod:

Don’t forget to check out the VapeFindr app for more product reviews updated weekly.

Download it HERE.

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Grey Haze – “Late Night Thursdays #1”

Last night was the first in a new series of  Grey Haze E-cigs “Late Night Thursdays”.

We were told this was going to be a small event with only a few people going, having fun and blowing O’s. However, this wasn’t the case as on our arrival we could barely see into the shop with the bright white fog covering the windows.

We entered to see how many people turned up and from the look of things this event went from small to massive in a matter of seconds with people tricking on one side and others chilling with a cold refreshing drink on the other.

We made our way to the counter to get ourselves a drink and sat with some of the regulars laughing away and having a great time. After a couple of minutes, the shout out for Raffle tickets was called.

We got our share of tickets and went over to say hello to a few more friendly familiar faces @THEHOOPSWXXNKER and @STU_VAPES to name a couple who turned up. @THEHOOPSWXXNKER doing builds for everyone free of charge and @STU_VAPES doing his live streams.

Before we knew it it was time for the trick comp the first name was called and they had forty-five seconds to impress the judges, O’s were blown and jellyfishes flew about until four people were picked to go to the finals having 60 seconds this time to do their best tricks! Eventually, Jon @SMARTYOHMS came out first winning some awesome neighbourhood juices, a hat and t-shirt congratulations to him on his win.

Next up was the cloud comp, which seemed like everyone who was at the event entered, the first two people were called up and after the countdown blew their clouds. VG and thick plumes flew around until the final two came together shook hands and got ready eventually ending up with Trevor @LILWOODY447 taking first winning a wide selection of juices and hats. Once again congratulations to him on taking first!

After a nice chill and another drink, the raffle was called. Anticipation grew as people gripped their tickets staring eagerly at their numbers to see if they had won. The numbers got called out and the winner jumped up in joy and went over to collect his prize! A brand new Stride mod with a Coil Art tank and a massive selection of juice to go with it and we only hope he enjoys his new toys.

All in all the night went on till late but never got boring once. Grey Haze have always been good with their events and this was no exception and knowing this is going on every Thursday to me is crazy but I know it will always be amazing! Thanks to the lads at Grey Haze for throwing an amazing night we can’t wait for next time!

Check out The Grey Haze website for 10% OFF your bill using code: FINDR10

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Dead Rabbits Trick & Treat Party

Tomorrow is the Dead Rabbits Trick&Treat Party from our friends at Vintage Vape Rooms.

If you’re in Dublin tomorrow head on down to the event that will have a whole heap of fun and prizes up for grabs.

Here’s What’s on offer … The first Dead Rabbit gathering since we moved shop.
The ‘Trick or Treat’ party will be sure to be loads of fun, from games,cloud comps, trick comp, raffles, beers, cocktails , music, giveaways, promotions, prizes and so much more….more details announced shortly!

VAPEFINDR will be sponsoring the Raffle on the day so Download the VAPEFINDR app and present it to the organisers to take part in the Raffle on the evening!

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Flavour Vapour Birmingham Vape Night

22nd of October – Flavour Vapour Birmingham Vape Night

Last Saturday we headed down to the Flavour Vapour Birmingham shop in Selly Oak for their first “Vape Night”.

Flavour Vapour isn’t the biggest venue but holds it’s own with an impressive variety of juice and a full range of hardware to boot. The owner Teele met us upon our arrival with a little goodie bag (which was a nice touch) and also signed us up to take part in their raffle.

Teele and her staff were a friendly bunch and had no problems engaging with us and the rest of the vapers who came down for a friendly chat, some good laughs and fun on their Saturday evening.

Eventually, it was time for the cloud competition to kick off with some “Cheap Thrills” goodies up for grabs. The contestants battled it out till it came down to the final two – Ryan @evlyfe and Trevor @lilwoody447 with Ryan just coming out on top and taking the prize and the glory – Kudos!

After the cloud comp everyone settled down for the evening and chilled with some drinks and Halloween themed snacks for the occasion which the owners put out for everyone who came along. Eventually the raffle was drawn, the winner claimed his prize and we all carried on with our nattering and laughing.

The night then finished in good time for some of us to head to the bar to carry on our Saturday night. All in all, it was still a good fun night. Thank you to Flavour Vapour for putting on a good meet and Teele and her staff for being great hosts – we’ll catch you all at the next one!

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eCigs2Go Castle Bromwich – Grand Opening

Monday 17th October was the eCigs2go Castle Bromwich grand opening event in Birmingham.

The day started slowly with only 5 or so people turning up, hanging around and enjoying the snacks the owners put out for the party. However, as time went on the numbers grew and before we knew it the whole shop was full with vapers and the clouds were in full effect.

There were multiple competitions and raffles planned for the evening and lots of chance for the visitors to head home with some free goodies. First up was the Raffle with first, second and third place prize winners. The first prize was a Dot Mod Mech mod and a combo of E-Liquids, shirts and hats from the event sponsors @councilofvapor @lord_vapers and @thevapesuk with a smaller goodie bag of juice and merch for second and third place winners – Some fantastic prizes to be sent home with!

Soon after, the sign up for the regulated and mechanical cloud competition began, which we also couldn’t resist giving a go. The first two contestants were called to compete in the regulated cloud competition which whittled down to the final two, with Taz @vapebeardauthentic taking first and Dom @metaldom second!

After prizes were handed out and selfies taken we had chance to catch up with a more local vapers at the event discussing, devices, new juices and the recently attended VaperExpoUK event the previous weekend. Being fans of a Vape and a nice beer ourselves we then had our arm twisted into trying the Cafe Racer beer pairing which went down a treat! We would recommend the lucky 13 (a creamy toasted almond with caramel and tobacco).

The Mechanical Mod Cloud Competition was next up – which our own Ryan @ohm_my_gosh decided to enter, eventually taking first place just ahead of Alex @ohmboyzdripcity congratulations to them both on their wins with some excellent runs from the other contestants.

All in all the evening was a memorable occasion and a great show. The owners Norma & Greg were amazing hosts to the local vapers who came down. A big pat on the back for lining up the very ‘supportive sponsors’ of the evening who were very welcoming and great to meet.

Shout out to Lord Vapes, Council Of Vapor and for all the amazing prizes and obviously to eCigs2go for showing us how to open a shop with a bang!

You can find the new eCigs2go Castle Bromwich store in the VapeFindr App where you’ll get 10% OFF your bill for showing your app In Store. Download the app HERE.

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Vaper Expo UK: The Return

Last weekend was The Vaper Expo UK: “The Return” live from the Birmingham NEC and of course, the VAPEFINDR team was there to make an impact.

Upon arrival, we saw a huge amount of people waiting to embark on an awesome weekend and check out all that was on offer at the event. Though the wait was long with (some queuing for hours) there was thankfully entertainment on hand in the form of a live DJ and a group of dancers called “Riot Squad” who definitely left their mark on the visitors.

After the gates opened and the hordes of people marched through ready to get their hands on the vast array of new juice, and hardware from the exhibitors, we took to the main hall to look around for ourselves and experience the ever-present innovation our industry prides itself on.

We caught up with some familiar faces but also noted the amount of new companies on the market. Unique flavours and hardware galore you’d have been hard pushed to not find something to meet your vaping needs! Something we can all be proud of in our industry. Was there a lot of juice companies? Yes! was there also a good representation of hardware to play with – Yes! First box for the show was ticked.


After a little wander round the show, we made our best laid plans for the #VAPEFINDR Giveaways scheduling in lots of opportunities for our app users to go home with some free gear and a smile on their face. The first giveaway kicked off at the Celtic Vapours booth – and the buzz was amazing! With three great prize bundles up for grabs, we had users taking pictures with the lovable characters from Celtic Vapours, Trying their quality juices and having a blast at the stand. After the winners were selected we were happy to see that even the people who didn’t win a prize left happy and eager for the next giveaway.

We then moved down to booth with an huge arsenal of juice on show (Milkman, I love Donuts, OneMadHit, Taffy Man and more). After many more vapers walked away with juice, shirts and hats we went to have a bit of fun at the Vape Dinner Lady booth for the “trick, lick and suck” competition, After the rules were explained we got our own @ohm_my_gosh ‘Ryan’ from the VapeFindr team to give it a shot! Now Vape Dinner Lady are famous for their amazing contests, desserts and obviously their Lemon Tart, but this was, well… different… what you had to do was pop a trick, lick sherbet off your hand then suck on a lemon. The person with the most lemon skins at the end of it won, We told you it was different! Ryan enjoyed himself and ended up coming joint first with two other contestants and we’re sure onlookers enjoyed watching this competition and the madness that ensued!

Later in the day we carried on with our giveaways which were sponsored by some awesome companies such as”You Got Ejuice“, “Vape Store UK” and their newly released Double Drip Coil Sauce (one of our favourite new lines at the show) “E-cigarette Wholesale” and “Vape American Made Products” for the last chance to win some goods. By this point the whole booth was swamped and i don’t think ‘James’ The owner of Rig Mod knew what had hit him! Lots of people got involved taking their best pics at the booths and telling us what their favourite flavours were. We picked the best ones to go home with a lil’ sum sum – it’s a pretty simple concept – but we made sure we did it right! We also featured the best pics up on the big screen at the VAPEFINDR booth so everybody could see how much fun we were having. Thanks to all these companies again for all the amazing prizes! and to the people who took part in the competitions. We’ve got all of your pics from the show live on our website under our #VAPEFINDR tab.


With the Giveaways done and the visitors still trekking around the show we also had time to meet up with some of our friends and reviewers at VEUK. It was great meeting Matt and Vanessa from “Suck My Mod” as well as running into DJLsb Vapes again after seeing him in Paris for the VAPEXPO. Mark from SoulOhm Reviews and Adam from Great British Vapes, Peter the Vaping Pogonophile, Kelvin Guy Reviews, and CloudChasingUK all spared time for a chat and a catch up on the industry which is always a good time and mostly informative. A few other recognisable faces came and went, Eugene from BLAQ VAPOR stole our Football a few times causing havoc in the hallways. And JD from Vape Capitol was a constant laugh throughout the weekend.


It was also great meeting all of you vapers at the event, showing us how much you have been enjoying the app and giving us your positive feedback on what we’re trying to do here at VAPEFINDR. The main stage was constantly rocking although incessant swearing being encouraged from the mic to the crowd wasn’t necessarily our favourite aspect of the show. We know this happens at shows, we all get together for these meets, rejoicing in our love for vaping and how it’s helped each of us quit smoking and save lives – do we need to be shouting “f*** the TPD” in unison for ten minutes while someone hurls a bottle of juice at your head? Probably not. If we’d all brought a friend with us from outside of our world i’m pretty sure this would have put us in a lesser light. Yes we’re bitter about what’s happening throughout the world with the governmental control of our industry, but surely we can think of a better way to fight it. On a more positive note we got a tour of the Vapouround Bus which will be touring the UK. This is a genius idea and something carefully crafted to fit around the limitations of the TPD. Visitors can come on board, enjoy tasting some great flavours, accompanied with music, and a party atmosphere. We’ll definitely be going to pay a visit when it’s doing the rounds in our city. Make sure you check it out too!

All in all, the event – though smaller than it’s predecessor in May 2016 – was amazing! The vibe off the visitors was top notch and was definitely enough of a buzz to keep us counting down the days for the next one – That’s since been confirmed as 26th, 27th & 28th May 2017 “The Big Bank Holiday Weekend”


VAPE AMP: hooking us up with a brand new V3 Rig Mod!

Vape Dinner Lady: Trick, Lick & Suck Comp

New Additions: The amount of new flavours coming through!

Vapouround Bus: A really fun experience!

VGOD: Zach and Isaac are just hilarious individuals


Double Drip: “Rasberry sherbert” – This new range took the show by storm but our personal favourite was the Rasberry Sherbert tastie is bang on and it went down a trrrreeeat!

Vape Dinner lady: “Rice Pudding” – We love the lemon tart but Vape Dinner Lady has stepped up their game with their Rice Pudding flavour blowing us away with its amazing creamy high notes and jammy undertones. If Lemon Tart was too sweet for you – Give this a try!

Wick Liquor: “The whole DAILY range” Just try it all! All three flavours were phenominal.

You Got Ejuice: “Apple Jack” – We love our apple and cinnamon vapes and this one really got us wanting more. It’s sweet but savoury at the same time and just an amazing treat. Not too pricey either!

Pix-E-Drip: “Orange Mango” – Though the summer is gone the light succulent fruit in this juice makes you feel like its happening all over again. We loved trying this juice and couldn’t resist taking a bottle home with us.

Flavour Freaks: “Cactus Jack” I’ve been told their best seller, we can see why – It’s so easily an ADV!

Crunchy Cream Donuts: “Churro Donut” It won an award at the show and we took a bottle home of which we’ve already rinsed. Rest assured it was 60ml of satisfaction!

(These were just the tip of the iceberg there was plenty more we didn’t even get to try…..cos we were working!)

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Bring A Billion Lives To The UK

Have you heard of a billion lives?
A billion lives is a movie about vaping and how it has changed peoples lives!
The only problem however is that it is having trouble screening in the uk.
They need our help to show this life changing movie to educate smokers of the benefits of vaping.
All we need to do is sign one simple form and get enough people interested to have it shown in a cinema near you.
It is a very good source of education and we need to get vaping more into the public view of being good and this movie is one of the best ways.
Here’s a link to request a screening at an Odeon cinema near you.


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Well, for the second time in two weeks the VapeFindr team headed to the home of romance in the form of the beautiful city of Paris. This time ‘La Grand Halle’ welcomed vapers from across Europe and much further afield – to the massive VAPEXPO vape show.

Having been to many a tradeshow before, we all have an idea of what to expect at these events…”A big warehouse feeling room packed to the brim with hundreds of liquid companies crammed together in a poorly ventilated space” but once we approached the event and saw the hall in Port De La Villette we were immediately impressed with how fantastic the venue was. There were lots of vapers waiting for the doors to open and you could feel the excitement building for the event!

Once inside the show, whilst the line outside was still bulging, the buzz of the show was already warming up. With an amazing foray of exhibitors lining the main ground floor we looked up to see second tier levels on both sides of the venue also boasting a plethora of vendors. This show was impressive! The AC worked and the doors at the end of the hall allowed vapers at least some room to breathe throughout their visit – which is not always a luxury afforded to visitors of these events.

The exhibitors looked like they had gone all out with their stands, with the big American companies mixing with the local French companies, Malaysian, Chinese, British, Canadian and even Latvian exhibitors alike all enjoying the melting pot that was Vapexpo Paris. There was of course a huge selection of E-Liquid manufacturers on show, but also a really healthy representation of hardware companies here – and not just the Kanger’s and Sigelei’s – a great amount of French hardware companies throwing their hat in the ring with a refreshing amount of innovative products and choice. This can only serve as a good sign for our industry that is fighting battles on all fronts around the world in the forms of regulations, that we still continue to pursue innovation for our ever growing community.

Over the next few days we managed to get round the Grande Halle and meet some fantastic companies, a couple of our favourite reviewers and in the form of Grimm Green with Kent from Twisted Messes and DJLSB Reviews trying out the new Dinner Lady Rice Pudding flavour. All in all it was a really friendly atmosphere and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. To cap it all off we’ve included a list of our Top 10 favourite liquids from the show.

Thanks must go out to Matisse from VAPEXPO who was one of the nicest organisers and people we’ve met to date. We’re very grateful for all the hospitality and his taking the time to chat with us at the show. We can’t wait for the next VAPEXPO show in Lyon taking place in 2017.

We’ll see you all at our next event in Birmingham, UK for The Vaper Expo UK “The Return” in October!!!


  1. Frisco Vapor – The Rock
  2. Glas Vapor “Sneakerhead” line – Power Laces
  3. Vape Dinner Lady – Rice Pudding
  4. Bam Bam’s Cannoli
  5. Frisco Vapor – Fillmore
  6. Illusions Vapor – Medusa
  7. Nasty Juice – Bad Blood
  8. 11-11 by VapeDinnerLady – Sweet 11
  9. FUU Liquids – Lowrider
  10. Kilo Liquids “Black Series” – Apple Pie
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Vapefindr recently took a trip accross the channel to the beautiful city of Paris, France. We were there to exhibit at the renowned Vapevent that took place September 11th-12th at the Paris Event Center. The show itself wasn’t the biggest we’ve been to but was packed with a great selection of exhibitors with the newest E-Liquids and hardware on the market. We also got to witness the Paris premiere of A Billion Lives documentary directed by Aaron Biebert – A great production and truly eye opening experience into the status of our industry. Thanks a lot to all who visited the VAPEFINDR stand at the show and we look forward to seeing all of our VapeFam at the next event on the Calendar!


Our Top 10 Fave E-Liquids from the VapEvent:

  1. Dinner Lady: Lemon Tart (we’ve tried it before but it’s still sooo good!)
  2. Eco-Vape : Fizzles Pink Lemonade
  3. Flawless Distro: The Merge
  4. Lolly Vape Co: Screw-It
  5. YouGotE-Juice: Sugar Cookie
  6. FUU Liquids: Sugar Baron
  7. Draco Vapors: Citricity- Peach Lemonade
  8. Vapouround: Blueberry Ice
  9. Steep Vapors: Ice Cola
  10. TheAceOfVapez: Candy Corner-Lime Suprise
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Flavour Vapour Birmingham: In-store 10% OFF

Flavour Vapour Birmingham

10% OFF In-Store

Good news for Birmingham Vapers – you can now get 10% OFF at Flavour Vapour Birmingham when you head in-store with your VapeFindr App. For a wide range of products and constant new additions – check out our store map in the app to get directions for the shop located in the Selly Oak area!

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