Last night was the first in a new series of  Grey Haze E-cigs “Late Night Thursdays”.

We were told this was going to be a small event with only a few people going, having fun and blowing O’s. However, this wasn’t the case as on our arrival we could barely see into the shop with the bright white fog covering the windows.

We entered to see how many people turned up and from the look of things this event went from small to massive in a matter of seconds with people tricking on one side and others chilling with a cold refreshing drink on the other.

We made our way to the counter to get ourselves a drink and sat with some of the regulars laughing away and having a great time. After a couple of minutes, the shout out for Raffle tickets was called.

We got our share of tickets and went over to say hello to a few more friendly familiar faces @THEHOOPSWXXNKER and @STU_VAPES to name a couple who turned up. @THEHOOPSWXXNKER doing builds for everyone free of charge and @STU_VAPES doing his live streams.

Before we knew it it was time for the trick comp the first name was called and they had forty-five seconds to impress the judges, O’s were blown and jellyfishes flew about until four people were picked to go to the finals having 60 seconds this time to do their best tricks! Eventually, Jon @SMARTYOHMS came out first winning some awesome neighbourhood juices, a hat and t-shirt congratulations to him on his win.

Next up was the cloud comp, which seemed like everyone who was at the event entered, the first two people were called up and after the countdown blew their clouds. VG and thick plumes flew around until the final two came together shook hands and got ready eventually ending up with Trevor @LILWOODY447 taking first winning a wide selection of juices and hats. Once again congratulations to him on taking first!

After a nice chill and another drink, the raffle was called. Anticipation grew as people gripped their tickets staring eagerly at their numbers to see if they had won. The numbers got called out and the winner jumped up in joy and went over to collect his prize! A brand new Stride mod with a Coil Art tank and a massive selection of juice to go with it and we only hope he enjoys his new toys.

All in all the night went on till late but never got boring once. Grey Haze have always been good with their events and this was no exception and knowing this is going on every Thursday to me is crazy but I know it will always be amazing! Thanks to the lads at Grey Haze for throwing an amazing night we can’t wait for next time!

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