London Vape Show 2017

Olympia, London August 11-13th

We can’t believe it’s all over for this year but the London Vape Show 2017 was a huge success and so much fun! If you joined us we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

There was plenty of new juice companies on show at the event with some truly great flavours knocking about with regulars dominaters of brands like Eco-Vape, and One Hit Wonder to the smaller independent names like Merlin’s Mist and Vape Dodo. Plenty of vapers went home happy with their swag bags either from new purchases for your stand out favourites, or joined in for the main stage giveaways that, although a lot more laid back and calmer than some were still a lot of good fun for all!

Ashley from Strawberry Queen did a fantastic job MC’ing for us over the weekend and was as energetic and loveable on stage as she always is. We even had time to celebrate The Lady Vapers birthday on stage with a cake provided by her admin team. At the main stage we also had a heavily contested cloud competition won by @kjalger as he usually seems to do (lol) best picture giveaways for users using our #londonvapeshow hashtag to be featured on our man stage big screen – and one lucky visitor even went home with a super shiny mod from Rogue USA’s giveaway!

This year we decided as it was our show we would run the juice tasting awards our own way. As there is often talk of bigger companies winning awards based on money spent we decided to cut that all out and give it a completely white label feel. Judged by our VAPEFINDR Reviewers and won on merit You can check out all of the winners on our website and in the app!

Speaking of our loveable VAPEFINDR Reviewers we’d like to thank them all for their hard work over the weekend in spending hours judging the awards, and being on hand at the booth to answer questions from vapers at the show needing advice on what to look out for at the show and how to setup their hardware.

Thanks again to Daily Vape TV, Sir VapingAlot, The Devil Vaper, Jay and Michael from LVC Live Vape N’ Chill, The Vaping Pogonophile and the Spit In Your Drippers crew! They all worked hard testing nearly 300 juices in blank bottles over 2 days to pick the winners of the awards. Check the Vapefindr app for their reviews of the event.

One of our main aims of the show was to encourage as many smokers as possible to ditch the cigs and take up vaping instead. We swapped around 170 packs of cigarettes for starter kits, courtesy of Vape Mob Distribution, who also provided them with free Mojito Eliquids to start them off on their vape journey. This was the most pleasing thing to see for us, to hear their thoughts on vaping at the end of the three days where they’d experienced exactly what it is that we are so excited about and that we have such a welcoming community of people involved at the show was incredibly satisfying!

We want to thank each and every one of you who came to the show and got involved, we loved meeting such friendly and enthusiastic vapers and we hope to see you all again at next years show!

Check out some of the pics from the first VAPEFINDR Presents: The London Vape Show 2017

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