Well, we’ve got Les Blues after the Rugby, Losing 22-16 to the French in the Six Nations after stating the importance of Bonus points and keeping hopes alive against Ireland all went out the window by the time the whistle blew yesterday……Just kidding

We don’t mind really!! Because we’re just 2 weeks away from VAPEXPO LILLE!! We’ve waited a minute to have the chance to go back to France and it’s finally hotting up to that time again. In just under two weeks we’ll be charging our batteries, packing the car, and filling our flasks with some strong ass coffee to head for the Chunnel, and make the short journey over to the North eastern french city of Lille.


This time, we’ll be armed with our BEAR FLAVORS E-liquid range to exhibit at the show but we’ll also be updating you on what’s going down at the show. We love Vapexpo events as they usually have an immense amount of top notch exhibitors and the show itself is always well organised. We’ve attended in Paris, and Lyon at the previous events but we’re really looking forward to seeing what Lille has to offer.


If you want to see what’s goin’ down this year then follow our facebook for some live-stream action, But if you are in the south of the UK it’s well worth checking out if you can nip over for the weekend. Only an hour drive from the Euro-Tunnel there’s plenty of reasons you can use to pretend you’re treating the ball and chain to a romantic french getaway and end up sliding into one of Europe’s best run vape events!


General public tickets are just  €8.00 w/VAT for a 1-day badge, and €12.00 w/VAT for a 2-days badge. The show itself is right by Lille airport so if you can find a cheap flight you can be in and out before you can say sacré bleu!……just don’t wear your England rugby shirt!!



Tickets available now HERE

VAPEXPO Exhibitor List HERE

Check out Last year’s video from Vapexpo Lyon…

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