Last weekend was The Vaper Expo UK: “The Return” live from the Birmingham NEC and of course, the VAPEFINDR team was there to make an impact.

Upon arrival, we saw a huge amount of people waiting to embark on an awesome weekend and check out all that was on offer at the event. Though the wait was long with (some queuing for hours) there was thankfully entertainment on hand in the form of a live DJ and a group of dancers called “Riot Squad” who definitely left their mark on the visitors.

After the gates opened and the hordes of people marched through ready to get their hands on the vast array of new juice, and hardware from the exhibitors, we took to the main hall to look around for ourselves and experience the ever-present innovation our industry prides itself on.

We caught up with some familiar faces but also noted the amount of new companies on the market. Unique flavours and hardware galore you’d have been hard pushed to not find something to meet your vaping needs! Something we can all be proud of in our industry. Was there a lot of juice companies? Yes! was there also a good representation of hardware to play with – Yes! First box for the show was ticked.


After a little wander round the show, we made our best laid plans for the #VAPEFINDR Giveaways scheduling in lots of opportunities for our app users to go home with some free gear and a smile on their face. The first giveaway kicked off at the Celtic Vapours booth – and the buzz was amazing! With three great prize bundles up for grabs, we had users taking pictures with the lovable characters from Celtic Vapours, Trying their quality juices and having a blast at the stand. After the winners were selected we were happy to see that even the people who didn’t win a prize left happy and eager for the next giveaway.

We then moved down to booth with an huge arsenal of juice on show (Milkman, I love Donuts, OneMadHit, Taffy Man and more). After many more vapers walked away with juice, shirts and hats we went to have a bit of fun at the Vape Dinner Lady booth for the “trick, lick and suck” competition, After the rules were explained we got our own @ohm_my_gosh ‘Ryan’ from the VapeFindr team to give it a shot! Now Vape Dinner Lady are famous for their amazing contests, desserts and obviously their Lemon Tart, but this was, well… different… what you had to do was pop a trick, lick sherbet off your hand then suck on a lemon. The person with the most lemon skins at the end of it won, We told you it was different! Ryan enjoyed himself and ended up coming joint first with two other contestants and we’re sure onlookers enjoyed watching this competition and the madness that ensued!

Later in the day we carried on with our giveaways which were sponsored by some awesome companies such as”You Got Ejuice“, “Vape Store UK” and their newly released Double Drip Coil Sauce (one of our favourite new lines at the show) “E-cigarette Wholesale” and “Vape American Made Products” for the last chance to win some goods. By this point the whole booth was swamped and i don’t think ‘James’ The owner of Rig Mod knew what had hit him! Lots of people got involved taking their best pics at the booths and telling us what their favourite flavours were. We picked the best ones to go home with a lil’ sum sum – it’s a pretty simple concept – but we made sure we did it right! We also featured the best pics up on the big screen at the VAPEFINDR booth so everybody could see how much fun we were having. Thanks to all these companies again for all the amazing prizes! and to the people who took part in the competitions. We’ve got all of your pics from the show live on our website under our #VAPEFINDR tab.


With the Giveaways done and the visitors still trekking around the show we also had time to meet up with some of our friends and reviewers at VEUK. It was great meeting Matt and Vanessa from “Suck My Mod” as well as running into DJLsb Vapes again after seeing him in Paris for the VAPEXPO. Mark from SoulOhm Reviews and Adam from Great British Vapes, Peter the Vaping Pogonophile, Kelvin Guy Reviews, and CloudChasingUK all spared time for a chat and a catch up on the industry which is always a good time and mostly informative. A few other recognisable faces came and went, Eugene from BLAQ VAPOR stole our Football a few times causing havoc in the hallways. And JD from Vape Capitol was a constant laugh throughout the weekend.


It was also great meeting all of you vapers at the event, showing us how much you have been enjoying the app and giving us your positive feedback on what we’re trying to do here at VAPEFINDR. The main stage was constantly rocking although incessant swearing being encouraged from the mic to the crowd wasn’t necessarily our favourite aspect of the show. We know this happens at shows, we all get together for these meets, rejoicing in our love for vaping and how it’s helped each of us quit smoking and save lives – do we need to be shouting “f*** the TPD” in unison for ten minutes while someone hurls a bottle of juice at your head? Probably not. If we’d all brought a friend with us from outside of our world i’m pretty sure this would have put us in a lesser light. Yes we’re bitter about what’s happening throughout the world with the governmental control of our industry, but surely we can think of a better way to fight it. On a more positive note we got a tour of the Vapouround Bus which will be touring the UK. This is a genius idea and something carefully crafted to fit around the limitations of the TPD. Visitors can come on board, enjoy tasting some great flavours, accompanied with music, and a party atmosphere. We’ll definitely be going to pay a visit when it’s doing the rounds in our city. Make sure you check it out too!

All in all, the event – though smaller than it’s predecessor in May 2016 – was amazing! The vibe off the visitors was top notch and was definitely enough of a buzz to keep us counting down the days for the next one – That’s since been confirmed as 26th, 27th & 28th May 2017 “The Big Bank Holiday Weekend”


VAPE AMP: hooking us up with a brand new V3 Rig Mod!

Vape Dinner Lady: Trick, Lick & Suck Comp

New Additions: The amount of new flavours coming through!

Vapouround Bus: A really fun experience!

VGOD: Zach and Isaac are just hilarious individuals


Double Drip: “Rasberry sherbert” – This new range took the show by storm but our personal favourite was the Rasberry Sherbert tastie is bang on and it went down a trrrreeeat!

Vape Dinner lady: “Rice Pudding” – We love the lemon tart but Vape Dinner Lady has stepped up their game with their Rice Pudding flavour blowing us away with its amazing creamy high notes and jammy undertones. If Lemon Tart was too sweet for you – Give this a try!

Wick Liquor: “The whole DAILY range” Just try it all! All three flavours were phenominal.

You Got Ejuice: “Apple Jack” – We love our apple and cinnamon vapes and this one really got us wanting more. It’s sweet but savoury at the same time and just an amazing treat. Not too pricey either!

Pix-E-Drip: “Orange Mango” – Though the summer is gone the light succulent fruit in this juice makes you feel like its happening all over again. We loved trying this juice and couldn’t resist taking a bottle home with us.

Flavour Freaks: “Cactus Jack” I’ve been told their best seller, we can see why – It’s so easily an ADV!

Crunchy Cream Donuts: “Churro Donut” It won an award at the show and we took a bottle home of which we’ve already rinsed. Rest assured it was 60ml of satisfaction!

(These were just the tip of the iceberg there was plenty more we didn’t even get to try…..cos we were working!)

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