Well, tradeshows always knock the stuffing out of you. It’s always a concoction or excitement, hustle, socialising, grind, discovery, sales, selfies and slouching into the hotel.

With every vape event we travel to there’s always the wave you have to ride and at the end of the day you just have to ask yourself if the wave was worth it- and Vapexpo Lille was tubular!! 

We’ve said before that we enjoy attending every Vapexpo because we know what to expect. We hold their shows to a high standard and they always come through. This March’s Lille event was no different. The show had a great balance of exhibitors from lots of countries, the attendance was healthy with visitors from all over the map, and the atmosphere was vibrant-three attributes you’d want at any tradeshow. 

The VapeFindr team were there meeting French vapers and introducing them to our app, as well as letting them try our Bear Flavors juice range, and also coming through with a couple of giveaways teaming up with our friends at Vaporesso. Overall, thanks to Vaporesso, we ended up giving out over 60 brand new Cascade Vaporesso tanks that brought smiles all around. We even managed to snag one for ourselves to blast on for the 9 hour commute home! There’s a Vaporesso Giveaway going on right now in the VapeFindr app to win one of their new Cascade tanks so head on over to the app to enter!


In terms of our highlights from the show there was a mixture of products and people that brightened up our weekend in France. Seeing Chris (Empire Vape Co) Emily, and Leighton, and finding out they’d saw we were heading to France and made a last minute decision to drive over for the show was amazing! The first time Empire had been to a foreign event was something he was so excited about for us was just great. Seeing another good friend on the continent soaking up the event was good fun – make sure you check out his vlog of Vapexpo.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Joel- The Swedish Vaper who was one of the friendliest people on the trip. He showed us his RDA and mod that he’s been working on that should be out soon and we’ll keep you updated on when it’s available and where from! You can follow Joel at

There were some fantastic liquids and products to sink our teeth into as always including the innovative Enovap mod. We saw this company last year in Lyon and their innovative nicotine control system that learns your vape pattern and controls your nicotine throughout your daily vape life is a phenomenal idea. For UK vapers wanting to know more about this mod check them out at the upcoming Vape Jam UK event! Twelve Monkeys also blew us away with their new Origins range which is really well balanced and there’s a pineapple in there that we couldn’t put down. These will be out soon so be on the lookout for the drop! Also notable was visiting the PG/VG LABS booth and trying some of their liquids. We stocked up on some more of their Don Cristo which won Best Tobacco at our London Vape Show, and a champagne flavoured juice that was fresssh!! 

All in all our short weekend away in France was all that we’d hoped it would be. Vapexpo came through again with a very well organised show-a big thank you to them for the free coffee and pastries for exhibitors before the show opened each day, I’m not sure we’d still be here without it! 

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