Well, for the second time in two weeks the VapeFindr team headed to the home of romance in the form of the beautiful city of Paris. This time ‘La Grand Halle’ welcomed vapers from across Europe and much further afield – to the massive VAPEXPO vape show.

Having been to many a tradeshow before, we all have an idea of what to expect at these events…”A big warehouse feeling room packed to the brim with hundreds of liquid companies crammed together in a poorly ventilated space” but once we approached the event and saw the hall in Port De La Villette we were immediately impressed with how fantastic the venue was. There were lots of vapers waiting for the doors to open and you could feel the excitement building for the event!

Once inside the show, whilst the line outside was still bulging, the buzz of the show was already warming up. With an amazing foray of exhibitors lining the main ground floor we looked up to see second tier levels on both sides of the venue also boasting a plethora of vendors. This show was impressive! The AC worked and the doors at the end of the hall allowed vapers at least some room to breathe throughout their visit – which is not always a luxury afforded to visitors of these events.

The exhibitors looked like they had gone all out with their stands, with the big American companies mixing with the local French companies, Malaysian, Chinese, British, Canadian and even Latvian exhibitors alike all enjoying the melting pot that was Vapexpo Paris. There was of course a huge selection of E-Liquid manufacturers on show, but also a really healthy representation of hardware companies here – and not just the Kanger’s and Sigelei’s – a great amount of French hardware companies throwing their hat in the ring with a refreshing amount of innovative products and choice. This can only serve as a good sign for our industry that is fighting battles on all fronts around the world in the forms of regulations, that we still continue to pursue innovation for our ever growing community.

Over the next few days we managed to get round the Grande Halle and meet some fantastic companies, a couple of our favourite reviewers and in the form of Grimm Green with Kent from Twisted Messes and DJLSB Reviews trying out the new Dinner Lady Rice Pudding flavour. All in all it was a really friendly atmosphere and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. To cap it all off we’ve included a list of our Top 10 favourite liquids from the show.

Thanks must go out to Matisse from VAPEXPO who was one of the nicest organisers and people we’ve met to date. We’re very grateful for all the hospitality and his taking the time to chat with us at the show. We can’t wait for the next VAPEXPO show in Lyon taking place in 2017.

We’ll see you all at our next event in Birmingham, UK for The Vaper Expo UK “The Return” in October!!!


  1. Frisco Vapor – The Rock
  2. Glas Vapor “Sneakerhead” line – Power Laces
  3. Vape Dinner Lady – Rice Pudding
  4. Bam Bam’s Cannoli
  5. Frisco Vapor – Fillmore
  6. Illusions Vapor – Medusa
  7. Nasty Juice – Bad Blood
  8. 11-11 by VapeDinnerLady – Sweet 11
  9. FUU Liquids – Lowrider
  10. Kilo Liquids “Black Series” – Apple Pie
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